Clinique Is Letting Us Customise Our Moisturiser But Is It Worth It? Let’s Find Out!


Our skin can be very difficult to understand and even more so when everyone’s top layer behaves differently. While some have very oily skin others need oil on their dry faces. Many face never-ending woes and achieving the perfect skin becomes a dream. However, cosmetic companies like Clinique are coming out in full force to help people like us. 

I have always battled with acne, especially the worst kind. Adult acne can be damaging and oily skin is one of the factors. No matter how much I washed my face, by the end of the day there would be a thick layer of oil on me. If I could, I’d strain it and fry fries in it! 

So, you can imagine my hesitation in trying Clinique’s new product that is custom made for you. All you need to do is visit one of their stores and talk to an expert. They walk you through the process and give you a form to fill. You can choose whatever issues you face in your everyday life and they’ll prepare a serum most likely a gel-based like mine that will help eradicate your worries. 

Now, it may all sound too good to be true. I wholeheartedly agree with it. The gel-based moisturizer that they gave me did not automatically transform my skin to that of the pristine dews of Garden of Eden. However, it did after a few applications make my skin look healthier than usual. It became a good nutrient that helped my pores shrink considerably and skin feeling soft and supple. We all know how important is that as we age with so much pollution around us. 

Let’s face it the cream is not going to go into my body and change my not so healthy lifestyle( which I’m trying to change, thank you very much!). There’s only so much cosmetics can do but that is not to say that you must not try this product. As I mentioned, everyone’s skin is different, what worked mildly okay for me could do wonders for you!