Clarice Is The Direct Sequel Show To The Silence Of The Lambs


“I’m not sure you get wiser as you get older, Starling, but you do learn to dodge a certain amount of hell.”

I will never forget the day I saw the silence of the lambs, everything was strange and unheard of. The movie had no ghosts in it, but it sent chills down my spine. Many movies followed the story of the genius cannibal professor Hannibal Lecter, there was even a TV show named after him which gained critical acclaim, but no one dared ask the story of Clarice to know if the lambs stopped screaming.

It is said that the show is a direct sequel to the silence of the lambs, it will follow the story of Clarice right after the events of the film. I think it is a fascinating idea to explore the wonderfully complex and intelligent character originally played by Jodie Foster. The show will be exploring more serial murderers and will be dealing with Clarice’s personal daemons.

It is yet to be determined who will play Clarice, and it is not clear whether Hannibal Lecter be returning or not? He probably will, but there is no official announcement yet. The Book is considered as the greatest horror-thriller novel of all time. The writers and the producers of the show will have some big shoes to fill taking on such an ambitious project.

Hannibal was such an influential character that Clarice didn’t get the praise she deserved after in the entire franchise, she returned but Jodie didn’t. Julianne Moore played the role. I think Elisabeth Moss is the perfect choice to play Clarice in the show.