Chhapaak Review: Hard To Watch, Easy To Love


Chhapaak is the first Indian movie ever based on the real-life incidents of Acid Attack victims. It is abhorring to learn how much time it took to make a movie on such a sensitive topic, which needed addressing. One of the most important aspects of the film making art form is that you can raise a voice and that voice will initiate a dialogue. When we talk to ourselves and try to make society understand, we might just solve things.

Chhapaak is hard to watch because you empathize with Malti and her plight. Chhappak has revealed to the world that an acid attacks victim is not only facing the problem of burnt skin, a but the burnt thinking of the society. Life is immensely difficult for acid attack survivors, even if they get justice from the court, they need acceptance from the world for something that isn’t their doing.

Deepika Padukone delivered a performance of a lifetime. She was the soul of the film and her emotions and voice will resonate in your mind as the movie finishes. A strong will and fighting spirit are what makes women the force of life. You should watch Chhapaak with your family. Those who understand the voice of the movie will come out of the theatre as a different person and with new perspectives towards life. We must learn that we should not take anything for granted, life is precious and we must do everything in our power to make India a safer place for women. Kudos to Meghna Gulzar and the entire production team of Chhapaak.