The wander lusting dreams of every nature-loving nomad concludes on trecking the frozen Zanskar river known as the Chadar trek. The walls in the Zanskar Gorge are upto 600 M high. You can only do the Chadar trek in the freezing months of January and February when the Zanskar river is frozen like a rock.

You can only access the Zanskar gorge from Leh, and you can only reach Leh through a flight. Before you make the trek, I suggest you spend some time in Leh to acclimatise to the altitude.

You start your trek from a village called chilling. As you move ahead on the 105 Km trek, you begin to understand the survival difficulties that the trek demands. The entire trek takes upto eight days; you need to be physically and mentally strong enough to make this grand challenge an achievement.

While on the frozen river, you must observe the path ahead of you to check the state of the ice. It is a dangerous path, the Zanskar Gorge; you must be alert and awake. While taking rests, you can camp in the caves along the trek or tent on the solid ice.

Narek Falls, the endpoint of Chadar trek

There are cautions to be considered while you are making the trek. There will be cracks along the river, stay away from them. Check the surface to know its density. Cracks can appear suddenly if this happens run towards solid ground immediately.

When you arrive at the endpoint, Narek Falls; you feel this exhilarating joy while witnessing one of the most beautiful sights on Earth.