Can Cryotherapy Help You Lose Weight?


Obesity, gaining weight, and unhealthy eating are some of the major concerns of this generation. These are some sensitive topics, which if not looked up, can be a major problem in the future. Losing weight isn’t a rock breaking task when done smartly. Ever heard of Cryotherapy?

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Well, this therapy has n number of advantages. Despite curing muscle pain, athletic injuries, arthritis, etc. It also helps in losing weight. A unique, out-of-the-box idea of freezing your body to trick it into thinking it’s in danger of freezing sends it into preservation mode. Sounds pretty tempting, right? Well, this jaw-dropping, easy to do the idea is what is making it the ‘freezing’ new weight-loss trend to try.

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A 3-minute session of cryotherapy can burn up to 500 to 800 calories, which is equivalent to an hour workout. This obviously doesn’t mean that you can skip your workout.

The process is harmless and starts with dipping your body in a CYROsauna which keeps your head and face uncovered and exposed to the room temperature. Your skin temperature is lowered to 10-degree Celcius during a 3-minute session. Once you come out of it, your brain signals your body to pump blood, in turn, increasing your body heat and therefore, your metabolic rate.

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The therapy when taken forward with regular exercise and healthy eating turns out to be a great weight-loss program which also helps in increasing your metabolism rate.