Calla Naturals Biotin Shampoo Review


Everyone knows that men hate hair fall more than women do. In the haste of life, we forget to take care of our hair and skin, and there are genetic factors which cause hairfall at an early age. I was losing my hair fast; they were also getting thinner; it became the most important concern of mine to fix my hair at any cost. The good thing is it didn’t come down to that. I was desperate but found the correct solution for my hair problem; it was biotin.

My doctor said that I should include biotin in my hair care, I researched a bit and found the Calla Naturals Biotin Shampoo. I bought it and am using it for a month.

The Calla Naturals Biotin Shampoo came in a transparent bottle; a flip-open lid was convenient to open and use. To use the shampoo, I damp my hair properly and apply an appropriate amount of the shampoo from tip to the roots. I then massage my scalp and hair for about two minutes, let it sit for another minute and rinse it off with natural temperature water.

The role of biotin or vitamin B7 is that it promotes natural hair growth. It also keeps your skin and nails in a healthy condition. I think it is because biotin works with the depth of our skin and scalp to provide the protein in the adequate quantity. The other ingredients like Jojoba oil, zinc and coconut oil are present to help in hair loss, and dandruff also.

My experience with the Calla Naturals Biotin Shampoo has been great. I saw a significant reduction in hair fall and my hair got thick again; I would say, if nothing else is working, you should try it.