Bulldog Bass Bluetooth Speaker Won’t Bark But Will Rock Your Party


Bluetooth Speakers have been nothing short of a revolution for us music lover. We can carry our devices anywhere, and wherever we are going, it might get a little loud there. There are several Bluetooth speaker options available. It has become a matter of preference now as you can choose between any price range and design.

I was scrolling the pages of E-commerce sites to see what’s fresh on the market and spend some of my salary for a cool gadget. I fount the Bulldog Bass Bluetooth Speaker, it had me at hello. I instantly ordered it. I am playing music on it for a week, and I absolutely love it.

The Bulldog speaker comes with an inbuilt 16-GB pen drive for you to store your songs, data, or movies. The Pen drive is USB 2.0 supported so it will provide a typical data transfer speed. The device is enabled with password protection which is an excellent feature as I can now store confidential data too.

The Bulldog Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest design of any wireless speaker ever. I am sure this thing must being sold in thousands. The sound is just amazing, you can hear every single instrument separately, and the bass will rock your party to the next level. It never feels like that it is a portable speaker as its sound is so clean and the volume levels can reach afar.

It is a must-buy product. It is lightweight, only 30 gm. Comes with a warranty, and is so affordable. As soon as the next paycheque comes, go ahead and buy it, you won’t regret it, I swear.