Building Off-Season Occupancy for City Hotels


Running a business is like riding a wave on a surfboard. You will have highs and lows but what counts is that you stay on your feet. The hospitality industry is no stranger to off days. In such times hotels should opt for marketing plans specifically designed for low peak periods.

Summer is a tricky phase for the hotel Industry. Beach hotels and hill stations are flooded with guests and on the other hand city hotels face a damaging shortage of bookings. Vacant rooms and empty chairs are a heartbreaking sight for any hotelier. Adapt or die is the rule of thumb for survival, and that’s the main element of planning the off-season strategy –

Be a part of the market beyond the hotel

Keep a close watch on festivals and events in your city. Be it a sports event, a food festival, a conference and anything else. Sponsor those events which attract guests from other cities. Being an exclusive hotel partner is not necessary. Take the plan which suits your pocket, but your hotel brand should be out there in the public eye.  

Special offers and packages

A customer simply cannot resist a tempting offer. Deals like “group package” or “couple package” which may include free gift basket, a complimentary spa session, a luxury suite, a bottle of champagne will definitely be a winner in enticing potential guests to book your hotel. But never compromise on the values of your services.

Discount deals

When your hotel has an in-house restaurant, even locals can be your guest. You can have specific discounts like student discount or elderly discount or simply a general discount offer. You can reach out to your local customers through social media and promote the offer.

Tie-ups with local companies

The hustle never ends. We can either make it better or worse. Most of the travelers are moving on a business purpose. Tying up with local companies to accommodate their delegates and clients on a special price will generate a considerable occupancy all around the year.

A hotel for both children and adults

Your hotel property must be designed in a way that suits people traveling with families and with people who don’t. A low depth swimming pool for kids and a bar for adults will make your property a happy place to stay.