Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit Review


It was my birthday recently, and my friends gifted me Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit. They knew how much I prefer to be neat and tidy, so they gifted me with a whole home spa. The kit consisted of Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Body Polish. All of the things I needed to have the perfect bath were in there.

I tried the whole kit one by one, and the results were incredible, I wasn’t expecting the products to be this good as I haven’t tried any of the Bryan & Candy products before.

First, I tried the shower gel. I instantly felt amazing with the first usage only. The natural oils present in the Shower gel made my skin soft and hydrated. I love natural products; they work every time. I avoid chemicals in my skincare routines.

Next, I tried the body polish. Its texture was a little weird, but it was soft on my skin and exfoliated it amazingly. It removes the dirt and clogged pores from my skin. A breathing skin was I got after the use. I was feeling pampered.

The sugar body scrub was equally efficient and exfoliated my skin like body polish. The fragrance of the sugar body scrub was pleasant, and the argan oil present inside made my skin smoother.

Lastly, I tried the Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion. It suited my skin, and it was not greasy at all. The lotion was free of chemicals like paraben and sulphates, which harm our bodies if used long term. The lotions suites all types of skins.

I am more than happy with the Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Kit. I am glad that my friends gifted me such a wonderful kit. If you are looking for a gift, it is a perfect choice.