Brilliant TV Shows No One Is Watching


If you regard yourself as someone who watches TV shows very intimately, this article might throw you in guilt. Hence, as a loyal TV guide, I bring you a list of excellent TV shows that aren’t as popular but are just as unbelievably brilliant and engaging.

Horace & Pete

I love what Louis is trying to do here. I think this as one of the few instances when that sentence can still be taken as a huge compliment. Because once out of Louis’ hands and into the content devouring public, it is up to the individual what they take from this. I believe his aim with this is genuinely kind and comes from the same place as his comedy, a place of compassion, disbelief at the clucked up nature of humanity and the world, and an almost hopeless sense of wanting to change this and make a difference.


It is ├ôlafur Arnalds’ score which helps Broadchurch transcend the anguish and pain of the narrative told, but it wouldn’t be fair to downplay the stunning cinematography and art direction, subtle and compelling storytelling and production by Chris Chibnall. And with a cast that can interpret the personalities with intensity and accuracy, it serves Broadchurch stand out from same shows, earning a review beyond basic comparison.


This program is the most beautiful thing Netflix has made. It is an absolute treasure of narrative. Insanely perfect, every episode overwhelms you in ways you never thought was viable. The constant, interesting revelations were so sudden but drew the story so well collectively. Extraordinary and impressive acting skills by the cast and lots of heartfelt acts between various character dynamics. This program is the excellent epitome of a well planned out production that identifies where it’s working to achieve its story. Perhaps one of the best TV dramas of our time. Cannot wait for the next season!

Master of None

It’s a series that holds so true and spontaneous at moments that I identify myself having memories and experiencing raw emotions as they are being aroused from some buried bottoms of my mind, of events that have taken place. I am satisfied good humorists have this talent of ruthless honesty that extends beyond the humour; it reaches the real core of what being a human is, and how culture and society intermingle to form a person.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is one of the unique British show ever created. I would indeed go as far as to say TV history in the forming. The treatment to detail, the dresses, the scenes, especially the Lee family habitats, have all been produced to the highest standard as is the nature of acting, which is easily as high as you’ll find in any British drama. Peaky Blinders possesses all the formulations of an original and enduring cult series, probably inviting more to purists and devoted fans of the cult/gangster genre.