Bombay Shaving Company Exfoliating Bath Soaps Review


The downfall of bar soap is very much misrepresented. But bar soap remains a must factor in the grooming kit of many men. In this post, ‘we’re going to try the  Bombay Shaving Company Exfoliating Bath Soaps set for men. The box comes with four different bars of soap, namely menthol, charcoal, oil control, and shea butter soap. Let’s see what’s this set of soap holds for us.

First, the collection is entirely for your body. ‘Don’t apply it on your face. ‘It’s perfect for your ‘body’s skin because it exfoliates, which channels that eliminate dead cells from the exterior layer of skin. Your skin is left behind brighter and softer, as well as noticeably more natural.

These exfoliating bath soaps are expertly crafted by hand with active ingredients that are 100% natural, which leaves all the impurities out of the box.

Every Individual soap is alike in the set and carries different properties. Menthol soap is superb for all skin types. Charcoal soap has coffee as an additive which helps to cleanse the body more exclusively. Shea butter bar is unique for dry skin types; at last, we have oil control soap which will suitable for acne-prone skin types.

You should generally use the exfoliating soap twice a week to avoid damage to the epidermis (top layer of the skin). Exfoliation aids in the removal of dead cells that have migrated from deeper layers of the skin to the epidermis, revealing a newer, shinier and healthier layer of skin. 

Bombay Shaving Company Exfoliating Bath soap set covers all you ask: it clears, it disposes of dead skin, it hydrates, and it leaves your skin feeling fantastic. It is highly recommended.