Blast From The Past: Eighties-Inspired Hairstyles That Are Trending This Year


It’s almost like fashion is being recycled. But, do I mind? Nope! The Eighties was a wonderful era and it had some powerful fashion moments. I especially love the hairstyles from that era because it was thoroughly feminine and oh-so-chic. Intrigued? Take a look at all the wondrous hairstyles that are making a comeback.

Crimped Hair

Honestly, I am still dicey when it comes to this style. So, during the 70s, it was all about flowy and smooth hair. But, during the 80s crimped hair gained a lot of popularity. And, this had definitely made a comeback because we saw Kendall Jenner sport this very look to the recent Bieber wedding. However, a small tip. For it to look beautiful, don’t overdo it. Just a few stands here and there, and you are good to go.


Unlike in those days, you don’t need chemicals to curl your hair. Your curling iron will do the job just right. If you ask me, I love this look. Curly hair can make you look dramatic and bold. In fact, they have a statement-making quality attached to them. For me, I usually couple perms with Indian attire.


Remember Sex and the city, where Carrie said that no one in New York with a sane mind would use one. Well, times have changed. Today, scrunchies have made a comeback and how. From Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to Kim Kardashian West, everybody is a fan of the scrunchie. And, rightly so. Scrunchies are handy.

Half-up Ponytails

I am a fan of half-up ponytails because it is easy-peasy and glams up your entire look. And, it makes you look very delicate and feminine. You can also slightly curl your hair to amp up the look.