Birth of The Dragon Review: Not The Bruce Lee Biopic You’ve Been Waiting For


Birth of the Dragon is a fanciful retelling of the actual exchange between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. The picture will pull in fans off the track by claiming to recount the tale of Bruce Lee, an exemplary image in American record. However, they may be confounded to find that the motion picture has surprisingly little to say about Lee.

The film gives short shrift to the original epic fight between Lee and his opponent. We do not even know how that fight impacted Lee’s life thereafter, what he picked up from it or how it transformed his fighting style. In fact, it deals with him within such a stylized, perplexed manner and not as a detailed human being it’s unclear the film offers the viewer anything newer than we previously knew.

“Birth of the Dragon” is a pleasant sketch of biopic fiction. But Movie Fans’ opinions will depend on how they judge an immense amount of fictionalization in the drama and what they assume of how the decisive fight is depicted.

This film is an act of fiction and does not strictly reflect history. It concentrates primarily on Lee and Wong. McKee’s story is essential but serves as seldom more than a vehicle to develop the narrative of Lee and Wong. The film and the personalities who played both Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man were spot on. The combat scenes, build up and flow of the film was superb and highly enjoyable.

It neither sides nor favors over the other. It allows the viewer to see the different characters while simultaneously showing how both men are passionate about their chosen art.

If you’re looking for the authentic Bruce Lee story, this isn’t the movie for you. However, if you’re looking for a fun movie to watch with decent fighting and decent acting, you’ll probably enjoy this.