Biotique Bio Plantain Fit & Fair Vitalize Review


Biotique works are manufactured embodying the ancient Ayurvedic medicines along with the freshest biotechnological innovations to return to you cosmetics and skincare work that are toxic-free and totally safe.

This revitalizing serum is an extraordinary mixture of pure Plantain, Sandalwood and Peppermint oils, to build up skin’s anti-ageing defences and advance brilliance for a fit, fair, bright complexion. The appearing is thoroughly adapted for further treatment.

I am not highly conscious about their skin, but I bought this for myself after reading rave reviews It removed all of my acne scars from my face and dark spots. And a good moisturizer too. One of the best property it has anti-ageing features which work quite well on all skin types.

The description on pack mentions it as a serum, but it’s actually a greasy balm. It is not recommended for oily skin although it has properties of sunscreen too and apply this after shaving session for max impact.

Verdict: Blend of contemporary science and beauty treatment requirements, Biotique has created a perfect product for healthy skin that treats and preserve beauty and well-being as never before.