Biotique Bio Fruit Tan Removal Face Pack Review


Skin tan can be a problem for men too. The uneven pigmentation is one ugly enemy of ours. India’s heat is sometimes too much to bear, but there are ways to get rid of the unwanted tan.

I used to go to the salon for my tan removal, but after a while, I got busy with work-life and didn’t have the time to go to a salon, It almost wasted one to two hours of my week. I decided to do my tan at home. I found Biotique Bio Fruit Tan Removal Face Pack, I have used it three times, and I like the results.

The packaging is neat and easy to scoop out the face pack. The wide mouth and twist open lid keeps the face pack tight and afar for dust and other corruptions. To apply the face pack first I wash my face then spread it on face and neck, I wait for about 20 mins if my skin is very dark on the day and wash my face afterward. Applying the face pack twice a week has brightened my skin radically.

Biotique Bio Fruit Tan Removal Face Pack is suitable for all types of skin and both men and women. The fruit-infused face pack does not burn much when applied like other tan removal products. It smells good and looks fresh as the fruits. It is an affordable and effective face pack; I would recommend it to all to buy.