Best Wireless Speakers for Every Price Bracket


Bluetooth speakers have developed a long way from being puny and weak to be great enough to fulfill your demands or a house party. All you need to worry about is charging them, attaching them with your phone and touching that play switch. If you are on the lookout for an excellent Bluetooth speaker, here’s a shortlist of some great choices.


This speaker has a formed-in metal housing and chamfered sides. The precise quality of this speaker is superior, better than what I expected. Unique features these speaker packs in and the cost it comes at is awesome.

F&D W7

It’s superb. Build quality is robust, and it appears like being a quality product, although I don’t have enough data to compare, I am sure it’s good enough or at par with other competitors if not better. At the value tag at which it is accessible, it is easily the finest option.

Logitech X50

If you are considering a Bluetooth speaker with a mesmerizing sound element and an excellent battery backup, then that device is right here. It has everything you expect from a good Bluetooth speaker. What better could you hope from a wireless speaker? 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

It possesses a great sound, is waterproof, wreaks proof from five feet height. You can even dig it in mud, rinse it, and still, it will function like a charm. Do not undervalue this piece with its size.

JBL Flip 4

The music has adequate bass/good bass. Not very significant, not too low further charges fast enough and has a nice heft to it. The build quality feels strong and is excellent for most of the occasions. Worthy of the price tag!