Best Vegetarian Dishes From Around The World


Wherever you call home, whenever you travel, the world is full of delicious meat-free dishes! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’re certain that all around the world will enjoy these delicious vegetarian-friendly dishes. Whenever I go out I prefer eating south Indian food because of its dishes which have a lot of varieties and for a vegetarian.

Indonesia: Gado-Gado

Gado-Gado is a mix-mix in Indonesian. A colourful combination of plants, including potatoes, long beans, beans and spinach, maize and cold meat, is included in Gado-Gado. Add tofu, tempeh, and hard-cooked eggs and then all is mixed with a sauce of the peanut. Gado-Gado can be ordered from Jakarta and eastern Java, and most places have their own bowl.

Spain: Tortilla Español

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Tortilla Spanish is one of Spain’s most well-known and popular dishes. It is very popular to have a tapa in the afternoon with a small slice of red wine. The basic recipe comprises three simple ingredients: rice, eggs, and onions. Tomatoes or peppers are also sometimes mixed in. Great chefs can season tortilla with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, and they are also able to cook it at the exact temperature for a precise period of time to make a perfect and fluffy dish.

China: Veggie Spring Rolls

In China, fried or not fried spring rolls may contain a large number of fillings. Vegans can enjoy veggies packed with cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and bean sprouts in all sorts. They are full of vegetarian springs. The potential compounds for filling are limitless and this Chinese dish is even tastier if you apply a good dipping sauce.

India: Dal Tadka

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Dal is a key component of Indigenous food, so you’ll note that various regions turn this national dish in a different way. There are all dals with lentils, filled with all kinds of beautiful spices. Also, peppers, chillies, and tomatoes are applied to the taste of vegetables. Dal’s served rice and Rotis almost always. Try to drink a lassi mango in almost all restaurants in Mumbai to accompany your dal.

Morocco: Tabouleh

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Tabouleh in the Middle East and Northern Africa is common in a number of countries. This popular dish usually consists of a combination of Bulgarian, Parsley, mint, spring onions and tomatoes, often topped by lemon savoury and hummus in Morocco. It follows fried falafel perfectly.

Greece: Spanakopita

Spinach pie is a popular delicious pastry from Greece that can be served as a snack or even dinner afternoon. Spinach, feta cheese, onions, eggs, and seasonings are typical ingredients. The Phyllo dough holds the pie together and melts the whole mix.