Best Vegan Sources to Get Vitamin D


In the era where we mostly chill indoors, or to be precise, most of our work is on a desk instead of scrapping in the sunshine, we tend to have a deficiency in vitamin D, which holds the place of one the most important vitamins in our body.

Certain surveys conclude that Vitamin D deficiency has become ubiquitous in both non-vegans and vegans. Vitamin D not only absorbs calcium and regulates cell growth but also tend to scare cancer away from our body. People often get confused between Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is obtained from plant source whereas Vitamin D3 is obtained either from lanolin or lichen. Some of the easiest vegan sources to get Vitamin D is-


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One of the most abundantly found natural resource which is perfect to make Vitamin D in your body. Five to 30 minutes of sunbath twice a week is enough for our body to get sufficient Vitamin D.


Mushrooms, Food Mushrooms, Forest Mushrooms, Basket

These are the best replacement of a supplement. You get the same amount of Vitamin D intaking either. Exposing the mushroom to sunlight even for 15-20 minutes can boost Vitamin D content.

Plant-Derived Supplements (Oral spray or Capsules)

Horsetail, Equisetum Arvense, Medicinal Plant

Supplements are the best way to fulfil the need for Vitamin D in your body, especially when your schedule restricts you indoor mostly.

Almond Milk

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Almond milk is mostly fortified with vegan Vitamin D2, but you got to be careful so it is recommended to check the label before buying. Milk acts both healthy and as a medicine to end the deficiency.


Tofu, Food, Soy, Vegetarian, Vegetable, Healthy, Cheese

It is recommended to check the label before buying because apparently it should provide approximately 20 per cent of your daily allowance which depends on the brand.