Best UnexploredTreks in India


On my experience, The Himalayas are the most popular trekking destination in the world and sometimes, the most dangerous. You must have not seen the most majestic creation of nature if you have never experienced any trek at the Himalayas. Although, there are some trekking destinations which are yet to be explored.

I will tell you about the most beautiful, yet unexplored trekking destinations in India and experience the beauty of these places. I bet, you will be amazed reading about these destinations.

Japfu Peak Trek

Japfu peak is one of the most beautiful unexplored trekking destinations in India. It is the second-highest peak in Nagaland. The peak of Japfu is Nagaland’s second largest mountain. Here you can visit the most delightful valley in Nagaland. Also, you can visit the Dzukou trekking lodge, the ghost cave and the heritage site village of Nagaland.

For this amazing trek, Zakhama is the base camp. Its location is well connected to other towns and NH2 and NH29. This trek can be your best weekend trip in Nagaland if you plan to visit Nagaland. Despite being so captivating place, it is yet to be explored.

Saddle Peak Trek

Saddle Peak Trek is a necessary trek when you are preparing a trip to Andaman and you should schedule a day for this tour up to the highest peak. This unexplored trek can be your ultimate Indian adventure journey. This offbeat trekking destination is on the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

The highest point of the Andaman, the Saddle Point, near Diglipur can be visited. A license from the Lahmia Bay Forest Department is a must to do the task before you plan to visit here. Between November to April is the best time to visit here.

The Phuktal Monastery Trek

The Phuktal Monastery Trek ranks on one of the best hikes in the list of Indian offbeat hiking destinations. this place is located in Lungnak Valley, which is the remote Zanskar District, Ladakh. You will feel the natural beauty of nature when you travel here.

Designed into a natural cave and around the cliff like a waterfall, makes the trip to the Phuktal Monastery even more interesting. Therefore the term “cave monastery” is also popular. I am damn sure that this place will make you feel like more foreigner. June to September is the best time to get around if you are planning to explore this place.

The Mandani Valley Trek

Mandani Trek is known to be one of Royal Garhwal Himalayan’s most difficult, yet unexplored treks. The most stunning valleys in the country are Mandani Mountains. The flowers valley is filled with unique, colourful flora and faunas and is, therefore, one of India’s best offbeat trips. This valley provides the best adventures on this trip in India with a beautiful and spectacular draw.

You will pass dense forest and ascend along this path, which covers 3 high altitudes and then you will enter Kedarnath. In my opinion, June to September is the best time to visit if you are planning to explore this valley.

Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek

Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek is one of the beautiful treks in Kashmir and offers you another experience. Despite having the most charming views, this place is yet to be explored. There are two beautiful lakes surrounded by Kolahoi Range. In the winter, lakes are frozen. Here, the lakes are turned into turquoise black water in summer and enjoy birds like Lammergeier, cinnamon sparrows and golden eagles.

The best time to visit this majestic place is April to September end. Also, June and July are the best months, as the greenery and clear weather can be seen everywhere. But I would suggest that you experience the best views during the summer season.