Best Underrated Movies You Probably Have Not Seen


Truth be told, Movies are the hope that empowers us to endure reality. I can’t imagine a world where movies are not a part of the culture. Why? because films stimulate all our five senses and gift us the wings of imagination.

For me even a commercial film should offer something interesting or else why would I watch it. But amid the crowd of films some great movies lost to marketing money or simply didn’t reach to the audience, but us movie buffs have found them and they are nothing short of art in its ultimate form.

The Man from Earth

Imagine someone telling you that they are alive for thousands of years in a room full of historians, linguists, and scientists. The movie almost entirely was shot inside a single living room. The conversations will open your mind for possibilities.

Turtles Can Fly

If you want to take a glimpse in the life of Refugee children and how they deal with a dreadful life with a smile, you will wish that wars should have never been invented and also you will realize violence is a primitive nature in us humans.

The lives of Others

Set during the Berlin War era. A writer is under suspicion of being a communist and is being spied by a German officer. As he observes the daily life of this writer he wakes up to groundbreaking truths which he could not have seen otherwise. This is a gem of a script and a must-watch.

I am Not There

Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Ben Winshaw, and Even Cate Blanchette are playing the same character. Can you believe that? You better. And one more thing, all of them are playing the legendary musician “Bob Dylan.”

Your Name

A Japenese anime movie but with an unprecedented storyline. A boy and a girl exchange bodies when they wake up on alternate days. They find ways to communicate but they always forget each other’s name. They must find each other but their enemies are time and their own names.