The heart of India is more than meets the eye. Madhya Pradesh’s climate is favorable in any season, except for the northern part in the peak of summer. The rich culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh have a significant impact on the history of not only India but the world too.

From temples to forts, and from rivers to national parks, MP is gifted by the grace of mother nature. These are the best destinations to visit if your wanderlust desires to explore, learn, and feel at the same moment.

Sanchi Stupa

Erected in the realm of Ashoka the great, Sanchi Stupa is an Ode to god Budhha. A UNESCO world heritage site and one of the world’s first brilliant architectural examples. The four entrances to the Stupa are inscribed intricately with buddha’s life journey.


The historic city of Castles and forts stands still from 6th century BC. Mandu is home to Hoshang Shah’s Tomb which inspired the idea of Taj Mahal. The city of Mandu is a romantic getaway and a place with a history of romance. You can witness the gateways of the love of Rani roommate and Baz Bahadur inside the forts.


Belonging to both Hindu and Jain religion, the Khajuraho temple is renowned in the whole world for its erotic sculptures (Which comprise of only 10% of all the statues). The temples are a symbol of Spiritual teachings, erotica, wrestling, and royalty.


Once home to dinosaurs millions of years ago, Bhedaghat is famous for its waterfall “Dhuadhar,” and the Narmada riverboat rides in between beautiful marble rock mountains. The “Chousath yogini temple” is also a mesmerizing site to visit.