Best Things You Can Do To Manage Your Curly Hair


Styling hair turns out to be a really fancy hobby and I guess everyone has it. I mean who does not like setting up their hair or trying on new fancy chick styles, and how can I forget colouring their hair to rainbow colours to follow the ‘millennial’ trends.

Everyone has a hair type which is pretty dear to themselves. Then there come people with curly hair. Not everybody is blessed with such a unique style. Some may find it a headache to handle it whereas some find it a blessing. Honestly, it’s not a facile task to look after them but if taken care, the look these hair have makes the person stand out in a crowd.

To all the people with curly hair, you guys have a beautiful hair type and you got to be careful with how to manage them. Well, we have some tips for you to manage your curly hair.

Skip Daily Shampoos

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Daily shampooing your hair can be a threat to your fragile strands and even dry out your thirsty curls. I don’t know about you, but I have seen some people take No Poo Challenge, which encourages people to not use shampoo and see the results. However, conditioners work as a life saviour. Increase the use of conditioner and use it even when not shampooing, this softens your hair.

Turn Down Hot Water

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Hot water makes your fragile hair dry and rough. Whereas cold water will snap the cuticles shut and keep your hair moisturised making it shinier and frizzle free.

Be A Satin Doll

This might be a shock that your own bed can be a harm to your hair. Rough cotton pillows cause your coils to tangle and fizz. So switch to smooth satin pillowcases or wrap your hair in a satin scarf to keep your curls sleek.

Choose Your Shampoo For Curly Hair Wisely

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Take care of your hair as if it is a fine cashmere. As cashmere clothes can’t be washed with hard detergents similarly it’s a No No No for harsh shampoo. Use mild shampoos and low leather cleansing conditioner as it won’t strip away the natural shine and oil.

Comb Correctly

Don’t be too harsh on your hair while combing. This might cause your coils to frizz and degrade the quality. Use seamless, snag-free combs. Invest in best quality combs.