Best Supplements To Boost Your Immune System


The year 2020 came like a running train, ramming everybody, mentally or physically who took their health lightly. You will now find more and more people asking questions about boosting immunity than you ever had. The whole of Instagram is filled with first-timers who have just picked a hobby like practising yoga, and/or bodyweight callisthenics exercises. Also, a large population is concerned about what might their diet lack which they can cover up using supplements. I have got your back!

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As much as physical and mental exercises, your diet too plays a very important role in slowly building your immunity. This is something where you need to be very cautious because fueling your body with the right fuel is more important than anything else. So check out our list of a few supplements you may consider in case your health reports show you lack them.

Zinc- In almost every health supplement, you may lay your hands on, zinc perhaps will be the most commonly added mineral. The reason being, it is necessary for immune cell development. A zinc deficiency can lead to pneumonia, hair and skin issues etc. The daily dose must not exceed 40 mg, and it can do wonders.

Medicines on the Table

Elderberry- Also known as Sambucus nigra, Elderberry helps with boosting immune health and killing bacterial pathogens responsible for respiratory tract infections.

B-Complex- Vitamin B6 and B12 are extremely important in daily diet. If not from food, you may find over the counter tablets that can help you achieve the daily dose.

Vitamin C- Its ability to protect us against common infections is proven. Although Vitamin C is abundantly available in many citrus fruits, people still lack in it. So for them, a supplement makes sense.

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Vitamin D- Sunlight by far remains its best source. But if you take supplements, that too will do. Vitamin D enhances the pathogen fighting effects of monocytes and macrophages.

Lastly, we will ask you to visit your doctor before taking any medication.