Best Street Foods That You Need To Eat In Delhi


If you love to eat street food and have moved to Delhi, I will provide you with the best street food menu at least once you try. From the best street food to fine dining restaurants, the capital city has it all. I have created a list of some famous street food in Delhi for all you foodies out there. So check it out!

1. Chole Bhature

Only Delhi can provide you with the best chole bhature. The extra care and less soda placed into making fluffy bhature make it the best street food in Delhi.

Where you can try: Sita Ram at Paharganj and Giani’s di Hatti in Chandni Chowk

2. Parathas

The most preferred breakfast in Delhi can be eaten at any time. A healthy splash of butter and wild stuffing in the paratha makes it the best street food.

Where you can try: Parathe Wali Gali and Moolchand ke Parathe Moolchand Metro Station

3. Chaat

This chaat is not only tasty but also healthy. Nobody knew that fruits could be made so delicious with just a few minor additions. The divine taste of fruits mixed with chana toppings can make you healthy and wise.

Where you can try: This delicious fruit chat only available at Bishan Swaroop Chaat in Chandni Chowk

4. Jalebi

Jalebi, also known as zulbia and zalabia, is a sweet and popular food found all over South Asia and the Middle East. I love eating jalebi with rabri on the top.

Where you can try: Jalebi wala in Chandni Chowk and Jalebi Store in Chandni Chowk

5. Dahi Bhalla
You can’t miss this delight of the street food in Delhi that we call Dahi Bhalla.

Where you can try: Natraj in Chandni Chowk, Atul Chaat Bhandar in Rajouri Market

6. Samosa

Only in Delhi, you can find thirty varieties of Samosa. You can try any variation according to your taste.

Where you can try: Kumar Samosa Wala near Moti Nagar Metro Station