Best Stand-Up Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix


I think stand up comedy is one of the most important artforms, it tells the truth of society and individuals in a way that probably does not offend the audience. Stand up comics are those folks who observe the things we fail to and make jokes out of the problems, a trait which we all must learn. If you are watching Netflix and are in a mood for comedy, these are my personal recommendations for you to see.

Jigsaw – Daniel Sloss

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Daniel Sloss has not done a lot of work in the industry but what he has done is nothing short of genius. For me Jigsaw is the greatest stand-up comedy routine, I have never seen such a piece on relationships. How he made us understand love through his jokes is unprecedented.

All Stand-up’s by Dave Chappelle

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Not a single word out of this man’s mouth is a waste. He is observant, he is witty, and he is hilarious. He isn’t afraid to say whatever he thinks is important. But his jokes, however, connect with us all and its just a pure pleasure to watch Dave perform.

Delirious – Eddie Murphy

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You will roll on the floor laughing watching this man perform. The ice cream bit is one of the greatest skit ever by a comedian and delirious is one of the greatest comedy specials of all time. You must see Eddie in his prime.

Make Happy – Bo Burnham

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This young lad is just remarkable. His work is so pure and fresh. He includes music in his jokes and has quite a bit to say about life. He is young but that doesn’t stop him from being a raw artist who is not afraid of being vulnerable and savage on stage.