Best Skin Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat


Don’t let scorching heat come in the way of your slay. Celebrate your skin in 40 degrees too. By maintaining a minimalist aesthetic and a skincare routine, you are ready for the summer.

But here’s the trick: Maintaining soft skin in summer is hard, as pollution exposure increases and you cannot escape acnes. So, here are the best tips to beat the summer heat and keep up with your supple skin.

#1 Start your day with a splash of cold water

Make sure to wash your face at the beginning of each day.

#2 Use primer before foundation

It matters how much chemicals your skin is in direct touch with. A primer before foundation should be a must for you.

#3 SPF > Oxygen

LOL! I am not kidding, girl. Use a good SPF lotion like it’s your religion.

#4 Stay close to the blotting paper.

A blotting paper helps keep the sweat off the face and helps you stay fresh. A must for summer temperatures.

Take care, sis. Toodles for now!