Best Sitcoms of All Time That You Must Have In Your Watchlist


Sitcoms are for our leisure time, what cream is to coffee, what cheese is to a mac. It is probably the best way to unwind after a hectic day at work, after a long duration of study or simply enjoy binge-watching it with chocolates at 3 AM. I am enlisting the top sitcoms, which I feel are a “must-watch” if you have made up your mind to get those six-pack abs via laughing!


Seinfeld = The Best. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were a pure genius at work, George Costanza has to be one of the best created and embodied sitcom characters ever – Jason Alexander was magnificent; the clever plot mixed brilliantly high-class black humour with day-to-day situations blown out of proportions which allow the viewers around the world to relate with the characters.


This was cancelled after less than one season. But I could watch this series over and over again. Imagine creating a high school show without pretty people. Rowing up is awkward and painful, and there’s no guidebook.

The Office

Every time I watch this show, I laugh at old jokes and ones I hadn’t even noticed the first time around. It just gets funnier every time. If it had a laugh track, it would’ve just been going for an obnoxiously long time, but without one it’s 101% better. Steve Carell amazingly portrays Michael’s annoying but lovable nature, and after he left, Rainn Wilson kept the mood going. Jim and Pam are an unforgettable power couple that you’ll find yourself relating every good couple too.

Two and a Half Men 

Even still, no matter how awful the final seasons of Two and a Half Men were, it’s first 8 were a riot to watch. Overall, the show is one of my favourite comedies to watch, and it’s phenomenal in those golden eight seasons. The characters are all hilarious and share great chemistry. Charlie Sheen was the absolute highlight of this show, and it’s clear that his exit is what yielded the latter terrible final years of this series.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

Of all the shows, I believe that “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is the one with which I can most identify with since I have surely seen every single episode at least a dozen times. And STILL, I never get tired! It‘s still fresh after all these years. It never fails to stir up careful, thoughtful, moving, and intelligent laughs from the viewer.