Best Places To Visit In India In The Month Of August


August is simply one of the best months to explore India because it’s not too cold and not too hot. And monsoon adding to the beauty of nature, it simply cannot get better. So if you have been planning for a long time now to get out and explore good places in India, then this is just the right place for you. Today, I am going over four best places in India to explore during August.

Coorg: Also called as ‘Scotland of India,’ Coorg is one of the greenest places you can find in India, especially in August. The view of hills, mountains covered with the clouds is just majestic. It is also famous for its coffee plantation so you can enjoy the freshly brewed hot coffee from the farms in this monsoon season.

Panchgani: Now, I feel that Panchgani is one of the less explored hill stations in India. No doubt many tourists throughout the year come here, but it is still less crowded than Manali and Leh. Especially in the monsoon season due to the rain, it is covered with green fields and small ponds. Also, if you are from Mumbai, this can be the perfect weekend destination.

Goa: This is not new to us, right? But what’s special about Goa in August is the monsoon season. The sun won’t be making the beaches hot instead you can easily explore the beaches and beautiful roads of Goa. Also, the night-life in Goa is best experienced in August only.

Andaman and Nicobar Island: Goa will be crowded as always, and if you don’t prefer a lot of people, and love clean beaches, then Andaman is for you, my friend. It’s mostly quiet, and with less to almost no people running around the beaches in the monsoon season, this is one of the best romantic places in India.