Best Places To Visit In India During March


Every year in March people decide to go on a vacation for a few days because the exam season is over. When I was small, my parents also take me to vacation for a few days after exams. Since my childhood, I love to travel.

India is an incredible nation to arrange a vacation anytime during the year, but March is one of the most pleasant months for your travel. Throughout March, as it is in Spring and early summer, the atmosphere is welcoming. The cold breeze and the warm sun make for a stay. Here are the top 5 places:


The traveller’s paradise is Rishikesh, an impressive hill station situated in Uttrakhand. It’s a new addition to the India hipster, a popular attraction among young people. If we want to take a rest from our daily life and sink into meditation visiting Rishikesh is one of the best choices to make. It is a beautiful place to try adventure sports, yoga and meditation.


Udaipur is a location for kings and the best time to visit is March to explore the charm of the region at its height. The manner in which the local people celebrate Holi in Udaipur is very special and a wonderful celebration.

It is observed imperially, beginning on the first day by lighting up the bonfire and then on the second day people play with colours. The region is well-known for its seas and Jag Mandir, the Region Palace, and Lake Palace are some of the best places to visit.

Leh Ladakh

A few areas are so captivating and uncomplicated in India. The framed-Leh mountain is quick to drive around and has lots of attractions. The appealing aspects are the quiet setting, the tropical landscape surrounded by sweet-touched houses and penthouses.

The steeply rocky hill of the old town and the fort and palace in Tibetan architecture. Ladakh is, without any hesitation, magnificent and Earth’s Paradise.


Ooty is an interesting city on the honeymoon of Tamil Nadu. It has all the amenities of the cliché mountain resort and many areas to visit. It’s fun to see what Ooty will do in the summer. March is winter’s conclusion and summer’s start. During March, mist and smog would be out.


Sikkim is one of the perfect places to get off the busy city. More than 200 types of rhododendrons and various orchids occur in the Kunchendzonga Region. In the centre and late March, much of those should be blooming. The site would have been warm enough in Tsongmo Lake, Rangeet River, and Teesta River to encourage visitors to enjoy water sports. Late in the evening, the atmosphere is still breezy and dry.