Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam For First-Timers


Amsterdam is famous for a lot of things. The canals, red-light district, the weed coffee shops, and beautiful architecture. A city with a beautiful mix of culture and the most fabulous nightlife.

There is something for all ages in Amsterdam. If you are a young and wild and looking to party; Amsterdam is the most magnificent destination of all. If you are a person of culture and scenic landscapes, Amsterdam has it all. One place I exclusively would love to visit is the Anne Frank House. I want to relive the experiences of Anne Frank’s bold and heartwarming diary.

These are the places you must visit when you visit Amsterdam for the first time.


The historic Begijnhof is the place to experience calm and tranquillity. Today it is home to two churches; this group of historic buildings is one of the oldest hofjes. When you are sitting in the garden, you will forget all your worries and be at one with peace.

 Anne Frank House

Your trip to Amsterdam will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Anne Frank house. The Anne Frank House is a historical place where Anne’s family went in hiding to avoid the Jewish Ethnic Cleansing by the Nazi Party. Anne wrote a diary when she was living here, which is one of the most famous books ever.

The Red Light District

One of the most famous tourist attraction. The street where you can find brothels, sex shops. Prostitutes, and even a sex museum. Rosse buurt Aka, the red light district, is heavily guarded with 24- hour surveillance. Taking pictures of the ladies is prohibited and safe sex is practised strictly. So if you are looking to explore your kink, you won’t be disappointed.

Heineken brewery

The Heineken Brewery tour can be your favourite part of the visit to Amsterdam. The tour will let you learn how the famous beer is made while of course tasting different flavours of the beer.