Best Places To Dine In Delhi This New Year’s Eve


Delhi in winters is as beautiful anything can be. And when the city throws at you an opportunity to celebrate, why lose it?

Here are some of the best, most happening restaurants to dine in at New Year’s Eve.

#1 Eau de Monsoon

The restaurant packs amazing waterfall windows and works with the Meridien’s top restaurant chef to provide the customers with globally sourced ingredients. Give it a try.

#2 Punjabi By Nature

Delhi rocks the game with its Punjabi food, which is loved by people of all kinds. The restaurant has perfectly prepared roadhouse standards like butter chicken. Check out the salmon tikka and tandoori lamb chops too.

#3 Karim’s

Karim is a historic Mughlai restaurant, serving meaty delights like kebabs and rich curries for over a century. Your pick for the New Year meal at Karim’s can’t go wrong.

Hope you are as excited about the festivities as I am.

Toodles for now.