Best Philosophical Movies To Make You Grow


The power of art is underminable. Art can invoke emotions out of a stone. Art begins with entertainment and curiosity, but it raises us up to a whole new level of knowledge. It takes years to make a movie but only two hours to watch it. If you love watching movies and treat them as a source of inspiration and knowledge, these are the best philosophical movies for you to watch.

The Matrix

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Some say matrix was not a feature film, but a documentary, I agree. Matrix exposed the underlying truth of the world through a complex and invigorating movie. The Matrix is once in a century film, which needs to be watched again and again to open our eyes.

My Dinner With Andre

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I saw a lot of memes of My Dinner with Andre and then watched it. This movie opened so many doors for me. The influence of time, cultures, and money in our lives makes us forget sometimes that we are humans capable of joy. My Dinner With Andre will add to your principles of living life.

The Truman Show

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The show Big Boss is conceptually based on The Truman Show, Jim Carrey’s life is a TV program and he doesn’t know it. Ever since he was born he is living in the same city, little does he know that he lives in a studio and the whole world watches him live day by day, what will happen next? Watch the film to understand life on a deeper level.

I Heart Huckabees

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This one is quite interesting. Have you ever hired detectives to investigate the meaning of your life? That’s what I heart Huckabees is all about. With an ensemble cast and a great director David O. Russell, this film will give you new notions and perspectives.