Best Non-English Language Movies For You To Watch


Till now the world of entertainment was dominated by English movies only. Change has come and the audiences are moving towards a Global film Industry. Thanks to web streaming platforms for breaking the well-established norms of the entertainment industry. If you are riding this wave of watching non-English language movies, I’ve got the best films for you.

Pan’s Labyrinth

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Directed by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro; Pan’s Labyrinth follows the story of Ofelia, who under dark circumstances learns that she is a princess and to prove that she is, Ofelia will have to complete three tasks to prove that is indeed the princess. The labyrinth is designed a faun. This film has something special that you can only understand when you see it.

Turtles Can Fly

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You will never take your life for granted after watching Turtles can Fly, this Kurdish movie shows the life of Refugee children and their livelihood. Sometimes it is an illuminating thing for us to watch life from a child’s perspective, Turtles can fly does the same.

A Separation

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A marriage story like no other. Who would you choose? Your dying father or your wife? When you live in a country with complicated laws, how difficult life becomes when you live with the person you want to leave for good. A Separation is a must-watch.


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A South Korean movie that will blow your mind, it may get difficult to sleep the night you watch Oldboy. The plot twists are unheard of, the filmmaking is a damn genius. The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.