Best Nightclubs to Party in Mumbai


Mumbai is the city of glamour, a city that never sleeps. The hub of India’s entertainment industry, which means that the parties must be glorious. The ground zero for people to enjoy the weekends or maybe be lazy weekday too.

Ideal places to date, to drink and have a good time need to be exotic, lit up, and crowded with a wave of joy. These are the clubs to hit at the night when you want to feel alive and young.

Playboy Club

A host to both international and local Dj’s Playboy Club’s Mumbai chapter. The club opens only on weekend nights and even if you get inside, getting a drink will be a tough task and even more so to get a table.

Kitty Su

Considered as the best nightclub in Mumbai, Kitty Su has more than one lounge areas and different decor for each one. The club opens from Wednesday to Saturday only.


The 37th-floor disco gives you the panoramic view of Mumbai. The home to the wild and the elite, so the drinks may cost you a little more than usual. The energy and the groove of XXO are amazing and you should atleast visit the place once.


A great place for after hours. Especially for those who dined already and are in the mood to party. The Club is open till 3 AM and is jam-packed with fancy guests.