Best Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime In February


Amazon Prime is giving a tough competition to Netflix and Disney +. Jeff Bezos is one of the most potent businessmen on the planet and he knows what the viewers want. Amazon Prime constantly adds good movies for us to watch. If you are looking to stream good cinema in February, these are the new additions on Amazon Prime.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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This movie will always be known as the film that got Brad Pitt his first Oscar for acting. I’ve seen it twice in the theatre and would do it again. Words fail me when someone asks how good is this film? It’s a beautiful piece of cinematic genius. Thank you Quentin for making this film.

Mardaani 2

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Rani Mukerji has returned to deliver another powerful performance. A movie about the evil that harbours in India on a great level, serial rapes and murders. Mardaani 2 sheds light on the matter and how the Indian Police Force does its duty to save innocents.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

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All the budding entrepreneurs should watch the movie, it is a gem of a movie which displays the true potential of bravery and intelligence in business. Another thing I loved about Rocket Singh is people management. How important it becomes to take care of your employees, otherwise you can be in big trouble.


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A decent adaptation of the Hollywood movie Chef. I loved the original film and liked the Indian version also. If you are a foodie, this movie is a must-watch for you.