Best Movies On The Theme Of Casinos


Gambling or playing cards can be fun but if you let it loose, you can ruin your life. Las Vegas, Shanghai, Monaco, Goa; there are countless places for you to gamble in the world, but I think watching Casino movies makes me dream about that lavish life, but they also show me the consequences of the dark and glorious world. I’ve seen almost all of the Casino themed movies, these are the ones I loved.


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Who can forget this marvelous piece of art by Martin Scorsese? Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone gave such magnetic performances. I think Sharon Stone was outstanding in the movie. The plot, the dialogues, and the screenplay by Martin Scorsese is a gift for movie lovers.


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Filled with twists and tales, you will love this movie and the way the story unfolds. A Maths professor and his team of five sharp students count cards and win millions in Las Vegas, but life is a house of cards, anything goes wrong with just a gust of wind.

Molly’s Game

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I have never seen a movie so close to explaining how a game of poker works. The film is based on a true story of Molly Bloom, who was an Olympic level skier, but due to some unfortunate events, ran high stake poker games for celebrities and sports stars. It is one of the most interesting movies on Poker.

Casino Royale

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It is the best James Bond movie to date. The film making, brilliant storyline, amazing cast, and Daniel Craig’s charisma made it a special film for me. I am sure most of you have watched it, but it is an honorary mention.