Best Local Dishes to Try When In Indore


The city of Indore is synonymous with taste. Heaven for vegetarian food lovers. The city is in love with meals and snacks so much that one of the street food vendors named “Johnny Hot Dog” who sells veg and non-veg burgers came into Asia’s top- 10 Uber Eats restaurant.

From tasty breakfast mornings, the 56- market to the midnight munching at Sarafa, Indore has become the Disneyland for foodies. These are the best local dishes to try in Indore.


You can get the Indore poha 24×7. The taste of Poha and Jalebi of Indore is unmatched anywhere all over India. It costs just rs. 10 on an average but can fill your belly with its ingredients like chopped, onions, laung sev, a pinch of lemon and coriander.

Johnny hot dog

Indore’s favorite food joint where you can eat a veg burger, Egg burger, or a mutton burger made in pure Ghee. The kitchens for veg and non-veg burgers are separate. This joint is so popular that it sells more than 15 burgers per minute. Johnny hot dog is among the top 10 Uber Eats restaurants in Asia. 

Coconut Patties

An exclusive snack of Vijay Chaat house where they make special fried patties of Coconut and dry fruits. They also have an exclusive peas kachori and Surati Khaman. Vijay chaat house has two branches in the city.

Laal Balti Kachori

If you love a spicy snack, you have to try the Aaloo Kachori at Aanand Lal Baalti Kachori. This snack is famous for his pepper chutney which is their patent recipe. I bet you will scream for water after having a few of these hot ones.

Garadu and Bhutta Kees

The Garadu is mostly available in the winter season. It is a deep-fried root snack which is served with green chutney and lots of spices. It feels heavenly in your mouth and you just can’t get enough of it. The bhutta kees is made from Corn and is loved by Indori’s. You can find the best of these dishes at Sarafa night market, which is the only night street food market on India.