Best Lipstick Shades Every Woman Should Own


The makeup industry has bloomed majorly in the past few years. The surge is not only due to the need to look good but also to stand out in the crowd. Now the concept of makeup has become a channel to portray one’s identity. Slowly, we are all re-defining the norms of being beautiful. Beauty is defined not only through fair skin but also with wheatish or dark skin. Makeup products like foundations and lipsticks now come in all shades suitable for all skin tones. As the women in the beauty industry continue to break the conventional ideas surrounded by makeup, here are five lipstick shades suitable for all skin tones.

Nyx Liquid Suede (Soft-Spoken)

This is a nude liquid lipstick that glides easily on the lips giving it enough moisture. Unlike matte liquid lipsticks, it does not dry up and make the lips look chapped. The disadvantage of this lipstick is that it is not long-lasting and therefore wears off easily after eating or drinking. The container is colour coded with a black cap; the brush is narrow and helps in the application of the lipstick without any mess.

Colorbar (Bare)

A pinkish nude lipstick that is well suited for all skin tones; this lipstick is part of the conventional lipsticks that is a must-have for everyday use. The pinkish undertone of the shade leaves the lips bright yet simple. Great for wearing to the office or during the day. This shade is not extremely loud, nor does it fade away easily. It can last upto a few hours before the lipstick starts to fade off. The container is made of plastic and is transparent at the bottom, which helps us to identify the shade.

Nykaa Mattelicious (Lacy Luck)

This lipstick is part of Nykaa’s range of matte crayon lipsticks. The lipstick comes in the form of a crayon that is colour coded. The lipstick is semi-matte as it is powdery but not extremely dry. It glides easily on the lips and does last for a few hours before it needs to be re-applied. Again a brownish nude lipstick, that is great for all skin tones, especially for the Indian skin tone.

Bobbi Brown (Rose)

A must-have for everyday wear. The lipstick is a pinkish nude shade that is similar to the texture of Colorbar (Bare) but more smooth and soft on the lips. An expensive purchase but definitely an investment for the perfect nude lips. The container is not colour coded but is the classic black with the Bobbi Brown branding.