Best Lifestyle Trends That The World Saw In 2019


2019 was crazy, to say the least. If people got some time to look up from their phones and the never-ending TikTok swipes, they dwelled in the weirdest fashion quirks and non-conforming notions of lifestyle.

Everyone wanted to leave their marks on the bulletin board of the Best Lifestyle Trends, but only some managed to. Here are the best lifestyle trends that the world saw in 2019:

#1 Conscious consumption

Metal straws hit the markets with a storm, as Insta-celebs took upon themselves to educate the masses about it. Thanks to big names like Bretman Rock, education about environmental pollution dramatically increased.

#2 Monthly Book Club

A trend that we have all seen repeat itself was a monthly book club. It caught considerable fire when Oprah started it. Now, every third person is a part of one or another club, including myself.

#3 Canned Wines

Canned wines made a startling comeback in 2019. From canned Rosé to White Claw, almost everyone has moved on from Redbull, and it is time that you do too.

#4 Growing your own produce

You are doing it, I am doing it, even AOC is doing it. Growing your own produce is magical and has so many benefits. From health to the environment, the trend caught on so many people. Get on this train right now.

Let’s see how trends change in 2020.

Toodles for now.