Best Homeopathic Medicines For Weight Gain


The threat of imbalanced BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the leading issues faced by people around the globe. There are certain risks attached to being skinny, and it can be dangerous in the long run. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are opting for weight gain supplements available in the market. There are a lot of things attached to low weight, including a weak immune system. Over the years, it has been noticed that people drift towards supplements and vitamins to gain weight, but some people try to take a subtle and invasive approach by choosing the homeopathic medicines to gain weight.

The reason to choose homeopathic medicines can vary from one person to another. But, it has been noticed that people like to take a herbal approach with lesser risks of side effects. Over the years, the increase of homeopathic has gone up. Despite living in a modern era, there are millions who opt for homeopathy for better results and have been satisfied. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are doing this article. Here, I have collected some of the well-known homeopathic medicines that will help you to gain weight.

# Alfalfa Tonic

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Available in most of the drug stores around the globe, Alfalfa tonic is considered as one of the best tonics to gain weight and reduction of tissue waste. The tonic targets the production of fat in the body and helps in increasing it. It also increases appetite and digestion for a healthy living. Many people have reported that tonic works like magic when taken in the right amount.

# Lycopodium

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This plant is a great agent to increase appetite. It is available in the drug stores as homeopathic medicine. When the spores of the plant are crushed and treated by trituration and succussion, it helps in increasing the appetite. Lycopodium clavatum plant is found in medicine and it is perfect for people who are not able to gain weight due to weak liver functioning.

# Aloe Socotrina

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Aloe Socotrina is one of the well-known homeopathic remedies used to help people who want to gain weight. This is perfect for people who face abdominal problems, including fullness sensation, heat, gurgling sounds, and pain during bowel moments. It reduces aversion to food and also reduces nauseous feelings.

# Sabal Serrulata

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Another homeopathic remedy derived from plants. This is for individuals who suffer from anorexia, an eating disorder. It is considered a life-threatening problem if not taken care. The medicine helps in increasing the appetite and hunger craving so that you can consume a sufficient amount of food to gain weight with ease. It is advised to take this medicine by adding 5 drops of it to the same amount of water. A healthy diet and perfect workout routine tied with this medicine can provide unimaginable results.

# Calcarea Phosphorica

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This medicine works perfectly for people who suffer from wasting diseases. Calcarea Phosphorica contributes to weight gain naturally as improves digestion and doesn’t have any side effects. You can easily consume it with other prescription drugs. The medicine brings a complete hormonal balance so that you gain weight with ease.

# Chelidonium Majus

If you are someone who constantly faces liver issues, then Chelidonium Majus is your perfect remedy. This targets the hormones and helps in increasing the appetite. People with secretions and bilious complications which occur due to pregnancy, then this medicine will also help you. The improvement in digestive tract facilitates weight gain.

# Pulsatilla

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How many of you have experienced stomach gurgling while you are taking meals? If you face this, then it might be because of eating warm or fatty food, which may cause pulsation in your stomach. This problem can be solved with the help of Pulsatilla. It also contributes to healthy digestion so that you can eat healthily.

Many people think that losing weight is frustrating, but when it comes to weight gain, things look quite complicated as well. But, if you follow the right treatment and take sufficient tonics, then you can gain or lose weight with ease. The above mentioned homeopathic medicines are revolutionary for gaining weight, I hope they work for you as well.