Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Hairfall


In the 21st century, hair fall and dandruff are common problems that many people suffer from. Even when I switch places, I start to face these issues. When it comes to dandruff, it involves thin pieces of skin, which gets collected in our hair. It generally not causes such significant issues, but for some, it becomes reactive and causes red, flaky, and itchy scalp. After some time, these excess skin cells die and mix with oil and cause dandruff.

I don’t know the exact reason behind dandruff’s production because scientists have not been able to find it either. But it is said that it occurs due to a fungal or other scalp infection.

We can get rid of dandruff and hair fall with the help of some home remedies :

1. Massage with Coconut oil: Coconut oil is famous for anti-fungal properties; also, it moisturizes the dry Scalp and boosts our hair Growth.

2. Tea Tree Oil: It is helpful due to its potent cleansing and anti-fungal properties. We can mix this with our oil, and use it on the scalp before shampoo.

3. Onion Paste: It also helps us to prevent dandruff and hair fall because it has strong anti-microbial properties. You can blend an onion till it converts into a smooth paste, and use it before doing shampoo.

4. Natural shampoo: Washing hair with a natural Shampoo can also prevent hair fall and dandruff.

I hope these things help you in fighting with dandruff.