Best Hindi Web Series To Stream On Amazon Prime


The world is talking about Netflix, I want something else for a change. I know Netflix is the undisputed number 1 streaming platform but, Amazon Prime is the second best. I love the shows on Amazon, some of them have created history. If you talk about good Hindi web series, Amazon Prime has some great ones, they are –

The Family Man

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I was not expecting the show to be this good. The show is too relatable to the Indian audience as well as it is a glimpse into the world of Secret agencies. Funny, interesting, and full of cliffhangers, The Family Man should be your next series to binge-watch.


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What can I say about this show? It is raw, it’s authentic, it’s something new. The performances and the storylines nearly as good as Gangs Of Wasseypur. If you like gangster shows you will love Mirzapur. It has a cult following, waiting for the second season to come.

Inside Edge

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We never knew what the other side looks like inside glorious Cricket leagues. Money, fame, and game are always dominated by power and corruption. Inside Edge is quite a show to watch if you are a sports fan. I can’t promise you will love what you see, it’s not for emotional fans of Cricket because it shows some harsh realities.

Laakhon Mein Ek

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The series is created by the famous Stand-up comic, Biswa Kalyan Rath. It is a must-watch for teenagers and their parents who raise their kids in fear. The career options of today are wider than just being a 9-5 office employee. We should not destroy the dreams of our kids, that’s what Laakhon Mein Ek depicts with excellence.