Best Google Lens Features For Travellers


I must say, a technology like Google Lens which identifies the nearby images and provides you with the relevant search results, must be there in India moreover. According to me, travellers can have a great advantage of Google Lens app. Your phone camera can turn into an informatory machine. It could provide you with the best of the places to visit during holidays, nearby places to recognise, food to eat etc. Here I’ll tell you some of the cool features which can make a traveller easier to travel.

Get Tips For Theme

If you need ideas for your travelling weekends, I must say don’t search any more. Use a Google Lens to get style inspiration from all over the Web like an outfit or a suit. This lens will show you how other people wear similar items to optimize your wardrobe throughout the travel.

Copy-Paste Written Text

I feel if someone travels around the places to explore new things, it is obvious that he or she will be lazy enough to browse the required things. Google lens help to overcome this laziness. This lens will copy the handwritten text directly to your phone and search on it accordingly and gives the relevant results. Travellers must use enjoy this feature to scan their list, check-in hotel descriptions and long passwords without typing them manually.

Identify Flowers, Animals, Sculptures and More

I would have used this perfect app to detect most of the places and creatures of nature if I would have been travelling the world. So when you go out next time and find an unknown species, consider using Google Lens to work out what it is. Clicking on an image to use the Google Lens app of Google Photos makes it easier for me.

Enable Your Travel Companion with Your Phone

When you have a vacation trip, Lens will automatically move the text in front of you if you are viewing a menu or sign on the path. If you do not speak the local language. Aim the lens at any document and sense the language instantly and add the translations in more than 100 languages on top of the original versions.

Directions By Scanning Visiting Cards

By scanning your Hotel or resort card you can even use Google Lens to get directions for a location. This doesn’t always work and it applies with companies listed on Google Maps, as far as I can see, so that’s it. In the majority of cases, though, hotels and resorts are listed on the maps and by searching their business cards you should be able to drive, bike or walk.