Best Gifts For Your Little Brother This Rakhi


As a boy when I say this, please, believe me, I am always up for toys and gift. We boys never really grow old. I am 28, but I still have lego collection in my house with hot wheels and even Batman collection. And someday I will get a human-size Joker action figure from The Dark Knight. And just like myself, your little brother might seem all grown up to you, but the kid is still alive inside.

Also, I know rakhi is a festival where a brother gives gifts to his sister, but most younger brothers also get gifts from their elder sisters. So, if this rakhi you are planning to gift your brother something, then check some of the options that I listed.

  • Action figure: A human size action figure is always welcomed. You must know an action/superhero movie you brother is always dying for. So just give him an action figure of its character.
  • Hoverboard: If you don’t know what hoverboards are! then just go and Google them, you will also fall in love with them. If you buy them this, you can also ride on them when he is not around and trust me it will be fun and adventure.
  • PlayStation: We love to play games and it’s better if it doesn’t require any physical activity. Gift him a PlayStation and some video CDs, and he will thank you forever. If he already owns a console, then congrats, you have saved a lot of money and now you can just give him a couple of latest gaming titles.
  • Watch: Smartwatches are in trend for all the good reasons, and it will be a perfect gift if you will tie him a smartwatch instead of a rakhi.
  • Foosball table: Only gift him this if he has a lot of friends or siblings. Because of it a minimum two-person game. So, in case your brother is an introvert, he will love it.