Best Earphones to Buy Under Rs.1000


There are plenty of earphones available in the market. You can even get a pair in Rs. 100 and you can buy one at Rs. 20,000 too. There will be a difference in the sound of course, but I think most of the people can’t afford an expensive earphone or headphone. The right range to buy a good quality earphone is under Rs. 1000. Major brands have extended their reach to the masses by offering the right quality products within the reachable range.

1More Piston Fit

1More Piston Fit is offering high-quality design and build at a lower price. The sound quality in this financial range is a godsend. The bass is perfect, and you can hear every instrument in full clarity. Costing nearly an Rs.1000 it is the best headphone in my recommendation.

Sennheiser CX 180

The Sennheiser CX 180 is a successful earphone. I owned it for a while and it was just splendid in every term. Lightweight, easy to detangle, and the superior sound quality was a regular day for me with the Sennheiser CX 180.

Xiaomi mi earphones basic

Xiomi is always known for its market-disrupting products. Xiaomi mi earphones necessary review costs less than Rs. 500 and can match a build and design quality of a high-end product. It includes a microphone too to make a hands-free call. If you are looking for an affordable choice, buy them with your eyes closed.

SoundMagic ES18S

The SoundMagic ES18S has a strong bass and a microphone for hands-free calls. It is not a popular product but does justice to its price. If you are looking for an affordable product of a reliable brand, SoundMagic ES18S will sound just about right.