Best Documentaries to Watch Today


The world of documentary movies is a deep one. The documentary filmmakers research so thoroughly about their subjects that the truth becomes one with their stories.

Some documentaries tell unheard stories about fascinating souls that touched our hearts and inspired us to fight another day. I seek truths behind the facade of agendas in this world. Any documentary that provides me a glimpse of the truth is a precious one for me. These are the documentaries that took my mind into the journey

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Kurt Cobain is like a god to me. His music inspired me to take up on guitar, and I am playing for 11 years. His devil may care attitude; his vulnerability was the most influential aspect of his music. Through a collection of his audiotapes and words of his friends and family, Montage of Heck tries to show us how deeply disturbed, and in need of help, Kurt was.


A heartbreaking collection of testimonials and footages of singer Amy Winehouse’s life. Her struggle with love and abuse of drugs, which ultimately were the fuel of her unforgettable songs took her life. Amy is a beautiful documentary about a beautiful soul.


Aryton Senna was a Brazillian Formula-1 driver and a three-time world champion. He died in a car crash while racing with a possibly defective F-1 car. The documentary follows his life, death, and politics that run the Formula-1 racing. 


What if you get to know the primary cause of pollution is that we eat meat? Yes, that’s true. Cowspiracy is a shocking and eye-opening documentary that will change your life for sure. You may get motivated to quit eating red meat, so watch at your own risk.