Best Coming of Age Movies Ever!


The coming of age movies show us about ourselves and remain within us eternally. They can be time machines, warping to different worlds, and help us figure out how we became who we are. I have curated a watch list of the five best coming-of-age films. From the classics to the newer ones; some are sweet, whereas some are tenacious, but they’re all entertaining. I promise!

Boyhood (2014)

The grand cinematic experiment of Boyhood chronicles the entirety of the coming of age movies. It takes us from youth to legal adults. Boyhood exudes verisimilitude in cinema, an open-ended fly on the wall naturalness that appears unscripted.

Richard Linklater’s masterpiece was a complete overhauling of the brand. It wasn’t stuck to the definite outline of the framework and was much more of a story about people hanging out. This coming-of-age film knew that kids just want to have fun, and it was okay showing it in its own time.

City of God (2002)

The City of God took audiences by storm. It’s a coming-of-age film that refines the whole subgenre. It’s about rising in a city where many communities don’t make it past their teens. It participates with everything a teen goes through in other films but places it in a world many audiences will never understand. With survival or death stakes, they can’t really comprehend.

Stand By Me (1986)

One of the stable notions of coming of age movies is the idea of death. It looks like when individuals perceive life, they can only understand it by acknowledging death. So what better means than with a group of kids walking down some train tracks searching for a dead body? Stand By Me is a flick you wouldn’t want to miss.


The last act of this film is about being a man since it’s about negotiating with a first love that described you, I consider this is a splendid process to indicate why coming of age films are so necessary. This is a motion picture about becoming who you are and later learning to accept.