Best Cities To Explore Street Food


Even the wealthiest of people will agree to one fact that street food is always better than the culinary delicacies. The mouth-watering snacks that melt as soon as you take the first bite. The best thing about street food that the same dish can taste different on a different vendor. These chefs are the unsung heroes who fill our bellies and hearts with love and taste.

If you are an international traveller and a foodie, these are the cities to go to give your taste buds a good time.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is home to several segments of street food. There are breakfast vendors who make tofu and soy milk for breakfast. Lunch vendors who prepare rice and chicken, and Night vendors who make Thai noodles.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish Bagel (Simit), The Turkish Coffee (Kahvesi), The Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun) are a few of the best dishes you will find in Istanbul. You don’t need to worry about hygiene while ambling for street food in Istanbul.

Paris, France

It is a dream for most to dine in Paris. The streets of Paris offer Crepes, a visually delicious dish with a variety of stuffings like Nutella, egg, cheese, and many more.

Cairo, Egypt

The signature dishes from Egypt are known to the world. Be it Shwarma, Falafel, or Kofta. If you travelling to Cairo you must taste the Kunafa, A dessert made from crystallized honey.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai the city of dreams has a lot in store for your belly and love of tasty spices. Pav bhaji and Vada pav will fill you up fast so have some Samsosa and Chola at Sion, Bun Maska at Grant road. You will never run out of places to eat when in Mumbai.