Best Cities To Celebrate Holi This Year


The festival of colours is just a day away and the nation is preparing to play Holi with the utmost responsibility. When it comes to celebrating Holi, people have a divided opinion about the fest. Some find it bizarre and a day of hooligans while the others think of it as a fest of joy and freedom. As India is a diverse country, I would like to share how diversely we celebrate Holi in different places.


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At the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, people arrive and gather from around the world. They dance and rejoice in the name of Lord Krishna. The unison of crowd singing and moving together is quite a lively sight to witness.


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Near Vrindavan, the town of Barsana celebrates Holi in a weird but fun way. Ladies beat men with “Lathi” and men use a shield in defence. When all of this happens, a shower of colours is observed all around. Quite a place to be at.


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After you are done with playing Holi at Vrindavan or Barsana, you should head to my home town of Indore for the “Ger,” which is held five days after Holi on Rangpanchmi. Hundreds of thousands of people gather at Rajbada Square, where tankers filled with colours spray it over the dancing crowd. Rangpanchmi on such a wide scale is only celebrated in Indore.


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Jaipur has a unique way of celebrating Holi. The Rajasthan Government organizes a royal festival for tourists and locals alike. Folk dance, singing. and other entertaining performances are worth watching along with Elephant rides.