Best Body Groomers Available for Men in India


Manscaping with bad equipment can be baffling. Today, a lot of devices have been created for guys who need to cut or eliminate the hair on their body, so that they don’t consider invading with an ordinary blade. A grooming kit can accomplish this. Here is the list of top best grooming kits for men in India.

Philips Bodygroom BG7040/42

It is a smart, efficient personal grooming device that’s comfortable to keep at any angle. It bears a pivoting head that follows the contours of your frame. It grants you to gain the effect you crave in any area — rechargeable, lightweight and built to last.

Braun MGK3020

It is said that the company designs the Braun combination trimmer for providing utmost precision. It’s compact, and its edging capabilities make it fit for grooming tasks from the top of the head to the rear of–well, you know where. Braun can deal with any section or depth of hair with no tugging or pulling.

Philips Norelco BG2025 

This Philips Norelco groomer provides an easy shave when operated on your chest, neck, and shoulders, under your arms and your legs, and alike when grooming those delicate areas that lack a lighter touch. Shaving in the shower and washing the detachable blade cartridge under running water are the two benefits I liked.

Remington PG525

This compact unit is better of a dependable groomer than a combo of a razor/trimmer. You can work it to shave body hair, but it will not clear a forest. What it will accomplish is to give you a lot of choices for how you’d like to trim. It lets you choose how you want to “attack” each area. 

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

For the ProGlide, Gillette reached out to Braun for helping them with technology to weave up a design that delivers both style and substance. The ProGlide is waterproof, gets three combs to obtain differing lengths an aggressive ribbed style that works miracles in aiding you to manage a solid grip in the shower. Great for fast touch-ups.